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• 7.5 inch Width x 17 inch Length
• Easy-to-clean Silky Soft Environmental Skin Touch PU Upholstery, water, oil, and abrasion resistant
• Reinforced For Ultimate Stability, Double Stitched edges for Longevity
• Light Weight and Portable, Perfect for therapists to carry around 
• Easy to use and adjustable to ensure superior comfort for all your clients




A traditional method for arm support, the Reinforced Arm Sling is easy to use, lightweight, and economical. Help your clients experience a better, more comfortable massage with this versatile hanging arm sling, designed to put shoulders into a more relaxed position for a deeper, more effective treatment. Featuring our Silky smooth Easy-to-clean upholstery and Cloudy Soft foam filling this arm sling provides superior comfort for your clients. The sling's lightweight design makes it easy for mobile massage therapists to carry around and easy to install as it attaches with a strap to any headrest. The unique design accommodates a wider range of people than competitive products due to its adjustability. This versatile arm sling will easily attach to any face rest platform and available in various colors. The Mt Reinforced Arm Sling is the Perfect Accessory for any massage table! 

MT Massage Universal Lightweight Handing Arm Sling Accessories for Massage Table

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