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• 9 inch width x 21 inch length bigger and better than other armrests
• Easy-to-clean silky soft environmental skin touch PU upholstery, water, oil, and abrasion resistant
• Fully padded with cloudy soft foam for maximum comfort
• Fully adjustable to ensure comfort for all your clients
• Available in various color options, the perfect accessory for any massage table




This is a great tool for joint mobilization because it increases the effectiveness of your treatments by letting you position the client so you have greater access to the shoulder girdle. Our wider, fully adjustable padded armrest is built with thick foam and is more comfortable for most clients. Featuring our Silky smooth easy-to-clean PU upholstery and Cloudy soft foam filling this arm shelf provides greater shoulder access while supporting your client's arms. It hangs from a face cradle and is available in a variety of colors. The Mt Fully Padded Armrest is the Perfect Accessory for any massage table!

MT Massage Standard Armrest Support for Massage Table Accessories

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