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• Environmentally friendly
• Made of 100% natural cotton (Beige)
• Machine washable
• Pre-Shrunk, Non-Pilling, Reinforced Seams
• Hypo-Allergenic, Non-Allergenic, Machine Washable & Dry able for Easy Care
• Universal Style Fits Most All Size Face Pillows
• Designed for comfort
• Protect headrest from facial oils and makeup 
• Package Includes Six Face Pillow Covers




This massage table accessory package includes six face pillow covers. Each cover has a three panel design that allows it to fit snugly around the inside and outside of the massage table's face pillows. The seams are specifically designed to avoid fabric wrinkles and to provide a perfectly comfortable experience for the client. This luxurious, 100% cotton, non-allergenic, pre-shrunk cover will fit any face pillow currently made. Clients love the cushy comfort and seams that are specifically designed to avoid fabric wrinkles.

Master Massage Universal Face Pillow Cushion Headrest Cotton Covers 6 Pack Beige

SKU: 34106
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