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• Comes with one fleece table sheet and 2 ultra fleece pillow covers
• Keeps clients cool in summer and warm in the winter
• Machine washable and dryable for easy care

• Strong adjustable elastic straps that fit any portable or stationary table up to 32"
• Universal style fits most all size face pillows
• Highly durable
• Provides twice the lift of other fleece pads
• Protects and extends the life of the massage tabletop
• Measures 32” wide by 74” long
• High density, low-pile fleece
• Hypo-Allergenic




Adds a new level of extra cushy comfort to every massage; Strong elastic straps make a perfect fit on any Stationary or Portable Massage table. Clients will love the extra lift and comfort the Master Massage Ultra Fleece pad and pillow cover gives them, it's an extra layer of cushion! The fleece pad provides so many benefits to the standard massage: it keeps the client warm in the winter and cool in the summer, while protecting the tabletop and giving ease of mind to professionals through years of use. The strong adjustable elastic straps fit any massage table. The pad and pillow covers are machine washable and dryable, which just makes things even easier for the professional. Includes one piece of ultra fleece pad and two additional ultra fleece pillow covers.At TWICE the lift and plushness of other Fleece Pads, Master's Ultra Fleece Pad gives your clients a "gravity free" feeling and makes them feel like they're floating on air! So throw out your old, thin fleece pad and give your clients the best experience ever!.

Master Massage Ultra Fleece Pad Sheet Set including Table Sheet 2 cushion covers

SKU: 68407
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