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Key Features:

• Formulated with a rich blend of enriching botanical extracts to condition the skin and heal the soul
• An unscented cream with extra smooth glide
• All natural formula
• Effortless glide and luxurious consistency
• Non-allergenic
• Fully absorbent
• Nourishing for the skin
• Water dispersible for ease of washing linens
• Paraben-free
• Scent-free
• Made in the USA


Prufied Water
Isopropyl myristate (an emollient derived from coconut oil)
Stearic acid (a fatty acid derived from coconut oil)
Cetyl alcohol (a vegetable emulsifier)
Glyceryl stearate (a vegetable emulsifier)
Sodium stearoyl lactylate(a soy lactose based conditioner which duplicates the skin’s naturally Occurring moisturizers)
Phenoxyethanol(microbe inhibitor)
Cat’s claw extract (wild harvest)
Organic Arnica Extract
Organic Aloe
Lecithin (from soy beans)
Organic White willow bark extract
D-Alpha tocopherol acetate(Vitamin E)
Caprylyl glycol (emollient and preservative booster)
Oils of Clary-sage



An unscented cream with extra smooth glide. Formulated with a rich blend of enriching botanical extracts to condition the skin and heal the soul. A completely non-greasy formula, it leaves the skin feeling satiny making it perfect for hands, feet and face. It’s silky texture and effortless glide provide for a great whole body massage. The rich luxuriously thick consistency leaves a lasting glide, use a little less and this creme is versatile enough for most deep tissue techniques. The special blend of Seed oils provide high amounts of antioxidants and vitamins for the skin. Extracts of chamomile, amica and aloe and Vitamin E have been included to keep the skin soft and supple.You and your clients will be amazed at how this creme nourishes and softens the skin. Water dispersable, Paraben Free! The formula is perfectly suitable for blending with essential oils.

Master Massage SpaMaster Water dispersible Unscented 16 ounce Massage Cream

SKU: 11131
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