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Key Features:

• It will make you calm, soothing your anger.
• Relieves the pain, bring comfort and peace to your body and mood. 
• Paraben-free and nut oil-free.
• Provides superior lubrication and smooth glide required for massage.
• non-allergenic, contaminant-free.
• Water dispersible means the oil easily washes out.
• Thermally balanced and will not break down when warmed.
• No alcohol or petroleum products used.
• No animal ingredients or testing used.
• Made in the USA

Carrier Oils include:

• Brassica napus oil
• Glycerol oleate 
• Vitis vinifera oil
• Organic Helianthus annu oil
• Glycerol oleate 
• Sesamun indium seed oil
• Glycereth 7 cocoate
• Organic Simmondia chinensis oil 
• Tocopherol Caprylic/capric triglycerides

Therapeutic Essential Oils include:

• Organic Arnica Montana extract, 
• Organic Salix alba extract, 
• Organic Camillia sinensis extract, 
• Cedrus deodora oil, 
• Lavendula officinalis Citus sinensis oil, 
• Vitamin A Palmitate


It will make you calm, soothing your anger, relieve the pain, bring comfort and peace to your body and mood. This oil-based soothing massage oil blends with the therapeutic essential oils of Organic Arnica Montana extract, Organic Salix alba extract, Organic Camillia sinensis extract, Cedrus deodora oil, Lavendula officinalis Citus sinensis oil, Vitamin A Palmitate. The carrier oils loaded with Brassica napus oil, Glycerol oleate, Vitis vinifera oil, Organic Helianthus annu oil, Glycerol oleate, Sesamun indium seed oil, Glycereth 7 cocoate, Organic Simmondia chinensis oil, Tocopherol Caprylic/capric triglycerides. The light and silky formula of Master Massage Aromatherapy Oil washes out easily, leaving sheets and towels looking their best! In fact, recent comparison studies show that our oil washed out more clearly and completely than any other oils tested! Alcohol and petroleum products free, Paraben free and nut oil free.

Master Massage Soothing Aromatherapy Oil Blends 8oz Bottles

SKU: 30555
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