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• Saddle seat design for more comfort and support to the spine by reducing painful pressure on the back.
• Includes the same adjustable pneumatic-lift found in high-end office chairs.
• NEW Soft Polyurethane Wheels – maneuvers smoothly over hardwood floors and carpets!
• Pneumatic lift mechanism.
• Generous 2.5” of exclusive Molded foam permanently molded to the seat base
• Perfect for clinics, spas, salons, physical therapy, chiropractors, dentists, labs, office, garage, workshops, classrooms, and dozens of other professions!
• Hypoallergenic, CFC-free, oil and waterproof upholstery backed by a 5 year guarantee.
• Weight 13lbs
• Adjustable height of 20.5” to 27.5”
• Supports 550lbs




Master Massage engineers designed this stool for better comfort and design—its saddle nature eases painful pressure on the back. The 2.5” exclusive Small Cell foam is specially molded around the seat base, rather than simply glued on. The Master Ergonomic Adjustable Saddle Stool boasts a large, comfortable 360° swivel seat, soft Rollerblade-like Polyurethane wheels (safe for hardwood floors and carpet), and hypoallergenic durable upholstery. The seat's PU upholstery is hypoallergenic, CFC-free and oil and waterproof backed by a 5 year guarantee, making it perfect for dozens of workplaces and professions. Each element of the stool has been engineered for comfort, stability and longevity. PERFECT for professionals and for at home use.

Master Massage Ergonomic Swivel Saddle Rolling Hydraulic Stool for clinic Spas

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