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• Extra large size of 13" Length x 13" Height
• Natural White Color
• Pack Includes 100 Disposable Face Covers
• Hypoallergenic and absorbent
• Sanitary and non-irritating
• Soft and extra thick material
• Fit most massage table headrests
• Simple, convenient and clean 


Disposable face pillow covers provide the comfort and ease of a pillow cover without the hassle of doing laundry. We know it is important to provide your clients with a sanitary environment while keeping your massage table clean. Our 100-Pack of Disposable Face Pillow Covers are quick and convenient. Simply cover your massage table headrest with a new, clean, hypoallergenic face pillow cover each time for every client! Our face pillow covers are made from a special spun synthetic material that is extra thick, incredibly soft, and absorbent. Clients love the feeling of the soft, absorbent material of our disposable pillow covers against their face while they enjoy a relaxing massage. Our face pillow covers fit ALL headrests and are very comfortable. 

Master Massage Disposable 100 Pack Face Cushion Cover, Headrest Cover Sheet

SKU: 94106
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