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Crafted For Comfort

• Elevating back lift is sturdy and comfortable
• Built-In Therma-Top heated bed provides adjustable warmth over the entire table
• ETL-Certified for strict North American Safety Standards
• EMR (electromagnetic radiation) safe
• Elevating back lift for adjusting to several different positions 
• Walnut Stained European imported Beech wood legs protected by rich, hi-gloss Dura Seal finish
• 3” thick cushion of Multi-Layer Small Cell foam, which a layer of memory foam is included, thereby providing additional comfort
• Numbered leg adjustment holes for quick, easy and accurate height adjustment
• Wide Shouldered Big Top bed design gives 26% more cushioned surface space


Strong and Durable
• Duo-Plane hinges reinforce strength at the center of the table
• Nylon leg buggers keep the wooden legs free of squeaks and wobbles
• Stabilizer bar adds strength to the table and helps with opening and closing
• Oil and waterproof, CFC-protected and abrasion-resistant upholstery
• Clevis Block leg attachments guarantee unbreakable leg support


Quality Features
• All wood used in the table is formaldehyde- and carcinogen-free—meets California Air Resources Board (CARB) law
• Non-skid, non-mark footpads make the table safe for any surface
• Quik-Set leg knobs require 70% less effort to adjust table height
• Denim-like reinforcement backing for the upholstery gives extra durability
• Double luggage-style closure clasps
• No assembly required Auto-Lock leg system opens easily in seconds


Luxury Package
• 6 Way Adjustable ErgonomicDream face cradle 
• Memory foam ErgonomicDream face pillow
• Contoured arm shelf
• Detachable arm rests
• Four-pocket carrying case


• 30" width x 84" length x 24" to 34" adjustable height
• Table itself only weighs 45lbs.
• Working capacity is 750lbs.




Master Massage's Del Ray Salon Tilt table is versatile enough to meet any professional’s needs..One reason is the ultimate comfort it affords to clients both with its 3" thick layer of Multi-Layer Small Cell foam and its Big Top bed design, which gives 26% more cushioned space. This table also comes equipped with our EXCLUSIVE Patented Therma-Top Built-In Adjustable Warming System! Our Therma-Top Built-In Adjustable Heating System adds penetrating warmth to every massage—improving circulation, bolstering vitality, soothing away fatigue and relieving tension. Our “Therma-Top" Heated Massage Table SAVES you the money and time you would spend on a separate Warming Pad! The cushioning is protected by beautiful Sand colored PU upholstery that is oil- and water-resistant, CFC-free, and features a denim-like backing to reinforce the upholstery durability. Clients will feel the difference, especially with the Del Ray's elevating lift back, which is sturdy and comfortable, allowing clients to be shifted into multiple positions, perfect for pre-natal or bariatric clients. The square corners of the Del Ray Salon Tilt table have been proven by anatomical research to relax the shoulder area more than standard massage tables, giving clients an even better therapeutic experience. There are so many features on this table that provide for stability: the Duo-Plane hinges, the stabilizer bar and the Clevis Block leg attachments. The Auto-Lock leg system and Quik-Set leg knobs mean the table sets up effortlessly and efficiently. Beautiful walnut hardwood legs are protected with hi-gloss Dura Seal finish. The package includes an ErgonomicDream adjustable face cradle, cushioned memory foam ErgonomicDream face pillow, detachable side arm rests, contoured arm rest shelf, plush neck bolster and 4-pocket carrying case. 

Master Massage 30" Del Ray Salon ThermaTop Tilt Backrest Portable Table Cream

SKU: 28291
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