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Fairfield Massage School and Physical Therapy Aid Training


At a2z Health Massage School, we offer students from Fairfield several life changing opportunities in the exciting fields of massage therapy and physical therapy. Our massage therapist and physical therapy aid curriculums are grounded in our belief that scientific foundations and inspirational, real-life experiences create passionate massage therapy and physical therapy professionals. As a Fairfield physical therapy aid or massage school student here at a2z Health Massage Therapy School, you'll benefit from a comprehensive combination of hands-on classroom instruction, clinical work and community outreach. After graduation, we'll continue to support you with ongoing learning opportunities through continuing education, lectures and workshops.


Fairfield Massage Therapy School Training


Our Massage Therapy Diploma Program is a holistic and hands-on approach to learning massage therapy. You'll be challenged and inspired to create your own unique career path, whether that means working in a hospital, clinic, spa, health club or your own private practice. Our content and goal oriented training covers three main areas of study:


Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology Coursework in Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology provides a solid foundation in understanding the structure, function and health of the human body. You'll learn proper medical terminology that is actively reinforced in classroom experiences.


Massage Therapy and Practice Master fundamental techniques in a classroom setting and practice them in a supervised and supportive environment. We also provide training in body mechanics and self-care so that you can enjoy a long and healthy career. In addition to your Theory and Practice courses, hands-on training in the Student Clinic and in our Community Outreach program will further prepare you to interact with clients.


Professional Development This coursework rounds out your educational experience with the business basics necessary to succeed as a professional. With the help of your Instructors, you'll define your goals and target markets for a successful practice. Of course, it goes beyond just lectures and discussions. With exercises in goal setting, writing a resume, creating a business plan, marketing, advertising, and self-management you'll walk away with the basic tools to establish your own practice or apply for jobs upon graduation.

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Once accepted into our massage therapy program, our Fairfield Massage School Students Typical Classes include:

Deep Tissue

Advanced Anatomy


Hot Stone


Pregnancy and Infant Massage

Advanced Nutrition For Massage Therapists


Our curriculum stresses the body-mind relationship, and encourages the students to explore a wide spectrum of holistic techniques. We offer a balance of Eastern and Western massage techniques combined with a variety of natural therapies to encourage the student's personal and professional growth. Students from Fairfield will conduct clinical case studies based on the type of work they feel most comfortable with. They will consult with instructors and compile research.


Physical Therapy Aid Training Programs in Fairfield


Enjoy a fulfilling career, as well as job security in a very high-demand industry! With our a2z Health Physical Therapy Aide Training Fairfield students develop the skills and experience necessary to be successful as a Physical Therapy Aide. Opportunities are endless because physical therapists are in need of aides to assist with physical therapy sessions and provide quality care for patients.

Physical therapy is one of a number of medical fields in which employment and demand for employment is increasing.


Physical therapists, and those who work under their supervision, are an integral part of a patient’s physical rehabilitation process. Whether it is an illness or a substantial bodily injury that has impaired the body’s function, physical therapists are trained to help patients regain comfort and mobility they enjoyed prior to their afflictions. While physical therapists are highly skilled healthcare professionals, they do need help with the daily operations of offices, clinics and hospitals.

This is where a seemingly lesser-known member of the healthcare field comes into play: physical therapy aides. Physical therapy aides help physical therapists and other therapists with both administrative and patient care tasks.

Physical therapy aides play a similar role to physical therapists that other healthcare support workers in other fields play to their respective doctors. They handle the tasks that make patient visits possible and ones that the doctor(s) cannot do by themselves simply by virtue of the limitations of time and space.


If you are interested in receiving more details about any of our Fairfield Massage School Programs, specific courses, or our Physical Therapy Aid Programs please contact us to request more information. Call us today at (888) 303-3131.


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